SL No Name of Project/assignment Period Donor/Self Funded (Via ED)
1. Marinelife awareness and education program at St. Martin Island, Bangladesh 2005-06 The Project Aware-Australia
2. Water Bird survey and Participatory action plan development. 2005-06 British High Commission, Dhaka
3. Community Based Water-bird monitoring and Conservation in Cox’s Bazar coastal areas, Bangladesh. 2007-08


Waterbird Conservation Fund, WWF-HK
4. Reef Survey and research in Bangladesh. 2005-06 Project Aware-Australia

(via-Executive Director)

5. Sea turtle Monitoring & Conservation along the Coast of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. 2005-06 KNCF-Japan
2007-08 KNCF-Japan
Fish & Wildlife Service -USA
2008-09 KNCF-Japan
Whitley Fund-UK
Fish & Wildlife Service –USA

(via-Executive Director)

2011-16 Fish & Wildlife Service -USA
6. Marine megafauna bycatch reduction effort in Bangladesh marine territory. 2011-12 KNCF-Japan
7. Study of ecology and habitat of Green sea turtle around St. Martin Island, Bangladesh 2008-09 PADI Foundation

(via-Executive Director)

8. Sea turtle Bycatch Survey and reduction effort 2009-10 Duke University, USA

(via-Executive Director)

10. Beach Temperature Monitoring Program


2014 ongoing Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, USA
11. Community Awareness & environmental Program 2014-15 Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, USA.
12. Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking Program


2013 Whitley Fund-UK)
13. Conservation of Sea Turtle In Bangladesh Coastal & Marine Territory 2013-15 Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Project (SRCWP Project) of Bangladesh Forest Department and World Bank
14. SocMon Workshop at Cox’s Bazar and St.

Martin’s Island, 2 – 11 January, 2015.


2015 SocMon Network
15. Socioeconomic Assessment and Monitoring for St. Martin Island, Cox Bazar District, Bangladesh

With support from SocMon (Socio-Economic Monitoring- South Asia for coral habitat.


2015-16 SocMon Network
16. Establishment of primary school and coral habitat conservation at St. Martin Island.


17. Community based Sea turtle restoration program in Bangladesh.


2017 and ongoing US-Fish & Wildlife Service
18. Sea turtle restoration program along entire Bangladesh coast and Myanmar.


2017-and ongoing Whitley Fund for Nature-UK