Organization objective and mission is to conserve and restore the countries marine and coastal biodiversity through local people’s participation, capacity building and scientific understanding by research and innovative in depth research. The organization will help to restore biodiversity and environment along the Bangladesh coast and coastal wetlands and complete non-political in action. MarineLife Alliance will initiate member & volunteer program that will support our conservation program, in-depth research, provide in data management to influence a changing ecosystem that will ultimately plays a key role in finding solution for a sustainable friendly future.

The following objectives and goal will be considered in taking activities in the field:

  • Survey biodiversity along the coast and other coastal areas, and marine systems.
  • Identifying threats to biodiversity and environment in particular coastal & marine areas.
  • To take initiative to conserve and restore the biodiversity in the project areas.
  • Share knowledge and experience with deferent GO and NGO people regarding biodiversity conservation, problems and constraints.
  • Create awareness among community people regarding biodiversity and environment.
  • Taking initiative to observe various environmental days, and organize seminar, symposium and meeting to create mass awareness and educate people throughout the country.
  • All the activities of the organization will be undertaken for biodiversity conservation, research and welfare of the local.
  • The organization will take proper initiative to remove the plastic pollutants from the coastal areas through the coastal cleanup programs.
  • Taking initiative of education for local community those are destitute from the basic education facility.
  • To establish education and research centers along the coastal areas to educate and train people regarding the marine life and importance of biodiversity in nature.
  • Organization will take activities to conserve endangered species form the extinction.
  • Organization will conduct in depth scientific research initiative to enhance measure to save the critically endangered species with the help of international scientist.
  • Organization will identify the community people those engage in deleterious activities that impact biodiversity and train them to employ as biodiversity protector in the respective projects.
  • The organization will present its projects findings and results to national and international meeting for better sharing and experience exchange.
  • The organization will establish marine life research center, marine laboratory, institute, marine aquarium, rehabilitation centers to train and educate peoples and to contribute to basic education facilities of higher education.
  • Organization will conduct marine life exploration and offshore survey time to time to understand and reveal the current status and to establish regular monitoring systems.