MarineLife Alliance is committed to be dedicated to the understanding, protection and preservation of the regional as well as world’s marine resources and ecosystem. Endless and tremendous threats to the coastal and marine resources in Bangladesh due to man-made alteration in the name of development, unlawful eradication of living resources and the extreme desire for marine underwater exploration thrusts the formation of MLA by a group of young biologist who are carrying out conservation and research work with the voluntary contribution since 1994.


MarineLife Alliance born to promote conservation of efficiency and research of our marine resources. The ocean is a really tremendous mystery. Only 8 – 9% of the Worlds Ocean has been said by the world biologist leaving us poorly prepared to monitor changes in the distribution of marine species. Coastal areas everywhere in the world are densely populated and local people depend largely upon sea resource especially in the 3rd world. The degradation of the ocean resources is severe as whale sharks are caught and killed by the fisherman; sea turtles are suffocated by fishing activity. Corals, mollusk and sea urchins are extracted by local people in huge number, numerous juvenile sea species are destroyed just for the lack of consciousness and lack of knowledge. Two third of the world’s reefs are dying and our one of the great concern of this is coral bleaching. Magnificent species like sea turtles, Whales & dolphins and coral are dying from the loss of essential symbiotic environmental condition. They want human care to overcome and how extensive it is only scientist can depict. MarineLife mission is to protect the marine resources from the near extinction through the civilized human activity.